• Jim Denning

Do not Cry Because Its Over...Smile Because It Happened.

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

The Germans have a word for this phenomena which is Torschlusspanik.  Loosely translated that word means “gate-closing panic,” but its contextual meaning refers to “the fear of diminishing opportunities as one ages.”  This is a fact of life.  I know in my life, there are times when I question how many days I have left, and I hate to say that the math points to the fact that I have more yesterdays that tomorrows.  An additional factor is that I am at an age when people start getting bad news from doctors on a more frequent basis.  

When I was in the depths of my struggle with depression and anxiety I felt that depression had robbed me of my past and anxiety was robbing me of my future...and both were destroying the present.  If you think about anxiety, what is anxiety?  It is fear with no proximate cause and therefore becomes a fear of what could happen...what could happen when?  In the future.  Anxiety is technically an overabundance of the chemical cortisol in your system coupled with a lack of GABA to neutralize it.  That chemical imbalance presents itself as an anxiety disorder which feels like overwhelming fear of the future.  My anxiety presented itself as I would lost my job and be a homeless person.  That is ironic because many years ago I was a homeless person and it was one of the best times of my life.   However I was deathly afraid of not being able to support myself.

Depression on the other hand robbed me of my past.  I have had an amazing life.  Hopefully it is far from over, however up to this point I have had a great time.  Part of having a wonderful life is being able to look back at it and relive some of the wonderful memories.  Memories of trips I took and friendships I made.  Times where I lived in different places and the people I met.  Times when I was a consultant and traveled all over the country.  When my depression hit all I could think was how happy I was then and how those days were over.  How I had somehow messed up and I would never be happy again and I should just end it.  It was extremely dark there.

Then one day someone sent me a picture from Dr. Seuss and it said simply "Do not cry because it because it happened."  

That was great advice from the good Dr. Seuss, especially for me right now.  I work for a company that has been sold.  I love working here, they are great people and the culture is fantastic.  I have the best boss I could ever ask for.  When we found out the company was sold and we would all lose our jobs we were all really upset as this is a great way to work.  Just so you know this is not a hypothetical example, this is happening for real...right now.

So its time for Jimbo to practice what he preaches.  Last night I got home from work and I was really bummed that this job was going away.  Then I thought about Dr. Seuss and said "hey I had a great two and a half years there."  So what I did is I got on my knees, and thanked God for the time I had at this company.  I thanked Him for the relationships I made and the money I made.  I thanked him for the low stress environment that allowed me to recover from my anxiety and depression.  I thanked Him for my boss and my coworkers who were so good to me.  Once I had thanked him, I told Slick, "God has taken care of us this far and now its time for our next adventure.  Lets not be upset for losing this job...lets be happy for the time we had it."

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