I was recently invited to the  Uvalde Memorial Hospital Behavioral Health Symposium to speak on suicide prevention to mental health professionals, medical professionals and law enforcement.  I had a great time and met some really wonderful people. 


If you need a speaker to talk openly and candidly about suicide prevention, please contact me.  I will speak anywhere, anytime.  This topic is too important not to discuss.

Suicide Prevention Talks & Topics

Suicide is a global public health crisis. Nearly 1 million people die from suicide around the world each year. More deaths are attributed to suicide than natural disasters, war, and homicide combined.  Now is the time to take strategic measures to prevent this act, or attempted acts, that destroys the lives of those departed as well as those left behind. This presentation will provide counselors and other mental health service providers with an explanation of why suicide has become rampant in our society and the tools to bring healing and relief to those affected by this societal malady. 


The Truth about Suicide

Nearly 1 million people die from suicide around the world each year.  This accounts for more deaths than natural disasters, wars, and homicide combined. This section illustrates how severe the problem of suicide really is. 

Bullying & Suicide

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for teens and preteens, only behind accidents.  This candid conversation on the source and impact of bullying with preteens and teens.  


Neurology 101

This section teaches the basics of human neurotransmitters and how they are the source of all emotions.  Mental illness is the perceived inability to understand and control these chemicals.  Whenever a doctor says, “You have a chemical imbalance,” these are the chemicals involved.  Controlling neurotransmitters is the source of healing.  This is the goal of counseling.  Understanding what they chemicals are and what they do can help move the clients toward that goal.


Why Do I Feel This Way? 

Our neocortex is living in 2019, but our limbic system has remained virtually unchanged since 50,000 BC. The disharmony and incongruity between these two brains is the cause of most mental problems today. Understanding this is key to change our moods and emotions to align with our values and desires.


Suicide Prevention Toolkit 

Here I provide the top 10 tools that will help your clients not only make it to midnight but choose life on a daily basis.

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